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You probably wouldn’t be at this web site if you weren’t to some degree intrigued with the notion of unconscious bias.

Perhaps you are facing workplace challenges that you suspect grow from the presence of unconscious bias or are concerned about its role in the culture at large.

In any case, you have stumbled into an area that is both fascinating and mysterious and, at times, a little scary.

Believe me, I’ve lived all those emotions in the years I’ve spent observing and studying unconscious bias. I’ve also, in the course of that time, formed a view of the subject that boils down to these six principles.

Principle #1: There’s a lot we can do to both manage and defeat unconscious bias. (Research Blog #1, Research Blog #2, Research Blog #3)

Principle #2: Having a bias does not make a person bad, it is what he or she does about it that matters.

Principle #3: There are techniques we can immediately apply  to become aware of many unconscious biases.

Principle #4: Identifying what we have in common – while valuing diversity – is a key strategy for defeating unconscious bias.

Principle #5: One solution to unconscious bias is to encourage respectful and courageous dialogue.

Principle #6: There are tangible solutions  to defeating unconscious bias that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

I’d love to hear your comments and how your point of view compares to mine.

Wishing You the Best,

Sondra T.


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