America’s Community Bankers
“Thank you for presenting the general session address at our National Real Estate Lending Conference. Because our members have been over-exposed to regulatory imperatives, they are inclined to resist any more material on cultural awareness, but Sondra succeeded masterfully in overcoming this resistance.”
Samuel E. Pincich, Program Manager

American Payroll Association  
“Thank you for your participation in our Global Payroll Management Conference. Your presentation really set the tone for the rest of the meeting. While technology has helped to tear down the global walls of doing business, it is important to still be cognizant of our cultural differences as well as respectful of varying approaches to business. You did a terrific job of underscoring this concept while highlighting the steps we must take to reach better understanding. The information you provided our audience was right on target!”
Dan Maddux, Ph.D., Executive Director

Arizona Credit Union League
“You are outstanding! This is a very special group of people and the conference is very important to them. Our goal is to provide them with skills and ideas they can take into their business and professional lives. You accomplished this and much more. As a meeting planner, it was great to work with you on this event. You and your staff were sensitive to my time requirements and easily met or exceeded each deadline. You made my life easier. Thanks again for a great job.”
Lee Cales, Human Resource Consultant

“Sondra engaged our audience on a delicate subject that required a judicious balance of tact, seriousness, and humor. She brought a unique combination of education, real world experience, and “hands-on” examples that quickly earned her credibility with our diverse audience. I highly recommend Sondra as a speaker to organizations seeking to promote appreciation of diversity.”
Steve Rue, Senior Vice President

Bank of America  
“When Sondra gave a presentation to our training officers throughout the region, she obviously made an effort to tailor the material to the specific challenges we were facing. Her information was current and relevant to our needs. In addition, she was extremely responsive to individual concerns raised by the program participants.”
Randall McLelland, Assistant Vice President

California Federal Bank
“I worked with Sondra for eighteen months while she conducted cultural diversity programs for our bank. Our participants were very enthusiastic about Sondra and about having a better understanding of what cultural diversity means to our business. Sondra was a pleasure to work with and willing to partner with us to design a schedule and a program that was perfect for our needs. We made an excellent choice when we hired Sondra; what she did for us made a real and tangible difference in how we do business.”
Michelle Garland, Former Vice-President, Training

Chase Bank of Texas
“Thank you for facilitating workshops for our Leadership Mentoring program. The response from the groups was very positive. They particularly enjoyed the rich discussions about biases in the workplace and appreciated how you created a safe environment in which to honestly discuss these delicate issues. Your broad experience, knowledge, humor, and willingness to cast the discussion in business terms made the workshops a success. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again soon.”
Debby Selke, Vice-President

Federal Reserve Bank   
“Dr. Thiederman’s keynote presentation was extremely well-received by our management team and provided an excellent base to move forward with our in-house diversity training. In her consultation on training design, she was instrumental in helping us meet our goals of consistency and continuity in the delivery of the same message to all levels of the organization.”
Mary T. Rector, Administrative Officer

Lenders Community Reinvestment Association
“One common problem employees face each day is the lack of understanding of cultural differences and the tendency to stereotype those who are different from themselves. Your presentation went far to helping our employees overcome this challenge. All businesses employing or serving a diverse group should strongly consider providing their employees with this program.”
Lynda Buckner

Mortgage Bankers Association  
“As a speaker at our annual conference, Sondra Thiederman did an outstanding job. The conference was oriented toward sales and marketing professionals in the mortgage lending industry. It was Sondra’s job to talk about business opportunities in multicultural markets as well as provide the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in those markets. She accomplished those objectives through a very stimulating and insightful presentation. Sondra’s remarks were informative and enlightening. She is obviously an expert in her subject and possesses the ability to communicate her knowledge in a clear and thoughtful manner.”
Stephen A. O’Connor, Senior Director, Residential Finance

Norwest Mortgage – A Wells Fargo Company
“Because of the increasing diversity within our client base, I hired Sondra Thiederman to speak to our sales force on the topic of how to market and sell to ethnically and racially-diverse customers. The program was a hit. Not only did Sondra provide the associates with practical information that they could immediately use to increase sales, she also brought the material to life with anecdotes and humor. I recommend her highly for any group that seeks to expand its business into ethnic and minority markets.”
Dianne Guenther, Regional Operations Manager

“Thank you for your extraordinary presentation. You stimulated our thinking and heightened our awareness as we transition into a global enterprise. In light of the positive buzz you’ve generated at PaineWebber, I trust we will have the chance to invite you back in the near future.”
Thomas W. Williams, Former Senior Vice-President Diversity

Security Pacific Bank
“When we invited Sondra to address our International Trade Finance Division on the sensitive topic of workplace diversity, we were aware of the risk of her lacking credibility with our multi-cultural staff or maybe even offending someone. Our concerns were groundless. Her easygoing style put everyone at ease. She provided the Officers and Managers with information relevant to the types of problems that we face daily with customers and staff.”
Rose J. Frye, Vice President, International Trade Finance

The Principal Financial Group  
“What a terrific presentation! I am hearing so many great comments about your presentation. Your message was practical with genuine “take home” value and you certainly gave us the customized program we were looking for. When I book a speaker, I always hope they will either inspire, educate, or motivate our employees. You did all three and you did it with such ease –I couldn’t recommend you to others more highly.”
Deb Curtis, Former Corporate Speaker Coordinator

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