Although the inclusion of these links does not necessarily indicate a formal endorsement of the content or services offered, Sondra has reason to believe that each site listed here contains material that will be valuable to the visitor.

Every effort is made to maintain the integrity of these links. If, however, you discover one that is no longer viable, we’d appreciate it if you could send us an email to let us know.

General Workplace Diversity Websites & Associations
Association of Diversity Councils

Diversity Central

Diversity, Inc.

Workforce Diversity Network

Workplace Diversity/Inclusion Research
Catalyst (women in the workplace)

Driving Supplier Diversity Success (supplier diversity information.)

The Business Research Lab (diversity-related surveys)

Workplace Diversity-Related Journals
Diversity Woman

Profiles in Diversity Journal

Prejudice, Stereotyping, Unconscious Bias Reduction, Implicit Bias
Implicit Association Test (unconscious bias awareness)

Understanding Prejudice

Beyond Prejudice

The National Organization on Disability

Association on Higher Education and Disability

College Resources for Students with Disabilities

Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

Colleges Helping Visually Impaired Students Succeed

Resources for Minority Groups

Common Ground (sexual orientation)

Executive Diversity Services

Gardenswartz and Rowe

Hanamura Consulting

Hubbard & Hubbard

K. Iwata Associates, Inc

O’Mara and Associates

QED Consulting

Scottsdale National Gender Institute

White Men as Full Diversity Partners

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