Engineering/Oil & Gas

NOVA Corporation 
“Dr. Thiederman came to Calgary on relatively short notice to speak to three very different groups within our organization. Despite this complexity, she was able to tailor her presentation for each group, make the discussion relevant, and bring real meaning to each audience. On top of that, Sondra’s presentation style and inclusive approach took the fear out of a complex and often misunderstood issue. I would not hesitate to ask her back again.”
Tom Horvath, Diversity Consultant

Syska & Hennessy  
“When I was charged with locating a speaker on diversity for our senior management, I was determined to find someone with enough experience to handle the subject matter with sensitivity and depth of knowledge. Fortunately, I found such a person in Dr. Sondra Thiederman. She did not let us down. She was sensitive, articulate, and brought us practical skills while employing a light-hearted and amusing touch. What she has done will make a real difference in our work. I cannot recommend her more highly.”
K. Diane Morley, Former Vice President, Human Resources

Ultramar Diamond Shamrock
“Your assistance and expertise in the development of the highly successful cross-cultural communications courses greatly enhanced our efforts to develop successful employees. Your professionalism and knowledge produced superb results with a subject that can often be volatile and delicate. Following the programs, I often heard the comment, ‘I needed this class 20 years ago.’ Your involvement in this important subject has made you a valued member of the extended staff of Ultramar Diamond Shamrock. We look forward to a future that includes many additional projects together.”
Patrick M. Greiner, Former Assistant to the Chairman

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