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ARA Health Care Nutrition Services
“We were hesitant to offer the topic of cultural diversity at our Regional Meeting. Our fear was that it would create tension between the very diverse group of managers we were bringing together. Because of Sondra’s skill, we had nothing to fear. Her style eased the tension and allowed many underlying frustrations to be surfaced.

“While time did not allow for more in depth development, she provided the foundation for the ongoing discussion of topics that no one previously wanted to address. Our expectation is that the raised sensitivity and the reaffirmation of what is really basic respect will allow our managers to interrelate to each other and also more appropriately manage those they supervise.”
Richard B. Morgan, Vice President, Northeast Region

Association of Sales and Marketing Companies  
“Sondra, you were a big hit with our Top to Top Conference attendees. The time, effort, and expertise put into your presentation was obvious. We are aware that any conference is only as good as its presenters and you didn’t let us down!”
Sue Cantwell, Director, Professional Development

California Restaurant Association
“Sondra has a dynamic and professional stage presence which keeps the action moving and motivating. She also is extremely pleasant, reliable and easy to work with. She is one of the high caliber of speakers that the CRA prides itself on presenting.”
Bobbi V. Sloan, Director of Education

Douwe Egberts Coffee  
“Your seminar was terrific. The talk was filled with excellent ideas to ponder.”
Claudia Kerbel, Director of Marketing

In-Flight Food Service Association
“I just finished reviewing the evaluations from the recent IFSA International Conference and it certainly looks like your presentation was a complete success. I also want to say that it was a pleasure to work with you – you made dealing with a speaker so easy; your ‘real person’ approach was very refreshing.”
Greg Jewell, Managing Director

National Association of College and University Food Service  
“Excellent delivery of a sensitive topic. Didn’t preach to us, just created an opportunity to think.”
“She is honest and awesome. Send all university employees to her.”
“#1 presentation. I really got a lot out of it!”
Program Participants

“Sondra, your insights and the candidness with which you presented them combined to provide a highly educational, thought-provoking, and inspirational message. We heard nothing less than rave reviews. You were a major contributor to the success of the conference.”
Rohini Anand, Chief Diversity Officer

Sodexho Seniors
“Thank you for the work you did for us! Our team felt how deeply engaged you were with our goals. Best of all, everybody was energized by the discussions.”
Chester Castillo, Senior Vice President

Sonic Corporation
“When Sondra came to address our 50-member Director Retreat, we could not have been more pleased with the results. She went beyond the call to customize her presentation to our individual needs and asked questions of the Planning Committee that clearly reflected her desire to meet our goals. She even went so far as to interview key personal to help her understand our industry, our corporate culture, and its workplace diversity issues. Her efforts paid off. Participants left, not only having enjoyed her many lively and amusing anecdotes, but with a better understanding of how Sonic Industries can move forward in its diversity efforts.”
Pattye Moore, President

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