Health Care Associations

American Cancer Society  
“Sondra’s expertise in cultural diversity was extremely helpful in training Patient Service staff and volunteers in how to better serve the ethnic populations of our region. Not only does she have a wealth of information, but her training style enables participants to better understand and share their own cultures and how they relate to others. She is also very much in tune with her audience and can describe situations that relate directly to their day-to-day work. I would highly recommend Sondra for any group that needs to interact with customers or clients from other cultures.”
Deborah Hoffman, Former Director, Patient Services

American College of Health Care Administration
“Keeping the attention of over 300 attendees is a difficult task, but, like the pro you obviously are, you made it look easy. On top of that, your presentation was exactly what we needed. I am still getting glowing comments from those who were fortunate enough to attend.”
Jan Lamoglia, Director of Professional Development

American Medical Group Association  
“One of the things I liked best about Sondra’s presentation to our physicians and administrators was how she was aware of the diversity of the audience and took special care to address their questions honestly and candidly. We were so impressed with her work that we plan to invite her to participate in future AMGA programs.”
Denise Mann, Former Vice President

Case Management Society of America(Dallas/Ft.Worth Chapter)
“Sondra, we want to thank you very much for speaking at our 5th Annual Conference. You were instrumental in making the conference a success. Some of the comments I have heard include: ‘Outstanding presentation,’ ‘Very impressive,’ ‘One of the best programs I have seen,’ ‘Inspiring yet very practical.’ Thank you for being everything you promised to be and more.”
Micheline Johnson

Emergency Nurses Association  
“Our general session speakers are carefully chosen for their ability to send the audience away equipped to take what they have learned back into the work environment. Your presentation did just that and more. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again.”
Deborah Smith, M.S., Chair, Annual Meeting Committee

Health Care Association of New York(Webinars)  
“For 90 minutes, Sondra kept the participants engaged as she spoke from her office in San Diego. She told amusing anecdotes, employed industry-specific examples, and took an involving approach that got her important message across. No matter what your industry, if you are thinking of producing a Web conference on any aspect of diversity, bias-reduction, or cross-cultural issues, I would highly recommend Sondra Thiederman.”
Cindy Levernois, Director, Behavioral Health and Workforce

Massachusetts Organization of Nurse Executives
“One of the things that I liked best about Sondra’s professional services was that, despite her extensive travel schedule, she took the time to interview six chief nurse executives in Massachusetts so that she could tailor her presentation to our needs. Her effort paid off in a humorous, practical program that was very well received.”
Alice L. Rose, RN, MS, Chair, Program Committee

Oklahoma Nurses Association  
“Thank you so much for participating in the Oklahoma Nurses Association Annual Convention. Your presentation was extremely well received. Again, thanks for a job well done!”
Cindy Challis Orr, CAE, Executive Director

San Gabriel Valley Nursing Consortium
“As President of the San Gabriel Valley Nursing Consortium, I am delighted to recommend Sondra Thiederman as a trainer on the topic of cultural diversity in the health care setting. Sondra addressed our membership on the dual topic of managing a diverse workforce and cross-cultural patient care. Her workshop contained both practical material delivered in a lecture format and audience participation. The program was meaningful and applicable to the participant’s work environments. I would highly recommend Sondra to any organization that is seeking solutions to the problems created by cultural ignorance.”
Jane M. Cardea, R.N., Ph.D., Former President

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