Higher Education

Athabasca University (Alberta, Canada)  
“I would not hesitate to recommend your services to any organization that wants to clearly understand differences, to communicate in an increasingly-diverse workplace, and to effectively manage a diverse work force. Based on both my observation and the evaluations, participants in both Edmonton and Calgary overwhelmingly gained a great deal from your program.”
Kerry Joyes, Former Director, Educational Enterprises

Pepperdine University  
“Sondra Thiederman’s keynote address at our annual conference, and her book, Making Diversity Work, provided us with the skills necessary to bring about lasting change. Sondra totally engaged a very participative audience. We could all relate to her humorous examples and wonderful stories, none of which alienated nor placed blame on any one group. The evaluations and comments from our conference indicated that participants felt they gained new insight into how to better manage diversity by taking personal responsibility for “Making Diversity Work.”
Edna Powell, Chief Business Officer

University of Waterloo  
“Sondra was professional, approachable and most gracious. The audience and workshop participants felt they were really able to connect with her and get their questions answered without a lot of ‘speaker speak’. The thing they appreciated most besides her knowledge was her down to earth openness. People felt they were ‘heard’ and given practical advice or strategies to work through their own situations. Sondra was a joy to work with and we would consider having her back in the future.”
Client Contact

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