Human Resources/Diversity/Management

California Association of Affirmative Action Officers
“On behalf of the Executive Board, I would like to express our appreciation for your participation in the CAAAO Conference, ‘Success through Diversification.’ Your presentation was extremely informative and a major reason for the success of the conference.”
Michael Brown, Conference Chairperson

California Association of Equal Rights Professionals  
“Your presentation was absolutely one of the best I have seen. Thank you for your honesty and sense of humor – they are refreshing in this field.”
Program Participant, 31st Annual CAERP Conference

Diversity Council of the Carolinas  
“On behalf of my fellow Board Members and the President of the Diversity Council of the Carolinas, I would like to say that your keynote address on bias in the workplace helped make our Conference on Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement one of the best ever.”
Thelma Chapman, Administrator

Diversity Leadership Alliance  
“Since I have seen Dr. Thiederman speak on bias reduction before, my expectations were high and she still exceeded them. She is an exceptional workshop facilitator and a valuable partner in our diversity journey. Sessions such as hers serve as progress milestones.”
Bob Enderle, Director, Diversity and Inclusion

Employer Advisory Council
“Sondra took a sensitive subject and presented it in a way that provided valuable tools for employer management teams. At a time when the nature of the workplace is litigious, it is more important than ever that we understand a diverse population. The only regret we have about your presentation is that it had to end and are very interested in having you return.”
Marjorie A. Kelso, Former President

Friends of Civil Rights, Inc. (Iowa Mosaic Diversity Conference)
“Sondra, thank you for the inspiring, informative and practical presentations at “Global Iowa—the Power of We.”
Program Participant

Greater Rochester Diversity Conference
“You were perfect! A well thought out and presented piece on bias in the workplace. I enjoyed having you at the conference and expect to see you many more times in Rochester.”
Clayton Osborn, Vice-President Diversity, Bausch & Lomb, Inc.

Greater Rochester Diversity Council
“I strongly recommend Dr. Sondra Thiederman to any organization in need of a speaker on workplace diversity issues. Sondra spoke to our group of 600 and managed to exceed our expectations. In addition to her keynote address, Sondra facilitated an Executive Roundtable of key executives from our member companies such as Eastman Kodak, Xerox, and Bausch & Lomb. Her engaging style and ability to address complex issues enabled Sondra to quickly establish credibility and lead an active exchange of ideas which resulted in the identification of several follow-up actions.”
Michael Streeter, Vice-Chair, Greater Rochester Diversity Council

Institute for Diversity Education and Leadership
“You were just the right person at the right time to forge a new frontier for diversity discussions in Milwaukee. My sincere thanks for your gracious spirit and expert contributions to the work of IDEAL and to the learning journey of many in the business community who participated in our sessions.”
Amy Batiste, Executive Director

National Management Association  
“Sondra gave a presentation to our group of managers representing eleven national and international companies. What an enlightening approach to communication awareness! She brings an excellent knowledge of her subject and involves the audience through her enthusiasm and expertise. We would happily invite her to speak again and again!”
Debbie Dion, Former Director of Programs, San Diego Area Council

Northeastern Pennsylvania Diversity Education Consortium (Webinars)
“I’ve never seen a group of people in this organization so engaged in a webinar. Not one person looked at their ipod. Also, as soon as the call ended, they started exploring the subject among themselves. It was non-threatening and practical. Great use of stories!”
Program Participant

Organizations for Community Inclusion, Inc.
“Thank you for joining the civic leaders in Omaha at our 2007 Organizations for Community Inclusion Diversity Summit Leadership Breakfast. I have received many comments from my colleagues regarding the excellence of your ‘The Business Case for Diversity: It’s Right, It’s Smart, and It’s Profitable’ presentation. Your personal stories and experiences have given us all the wisdom to address diversity issues and the motivation to value differences.”
John P. Schlegel, President, Creighton University

“Thank you, Sondra, for helping us ‘keep it real’ in a society where we often hide behind ‘niceness.’ The insights and lessons you shared increased both our understanding of the role of conscious and implicit bias in our lives and our sense of personal responsibility for making diversity work.”
Olivia D. Crimiel-Minor, Vice President Programs, Organizations for Community Inclusion

Society for Human Resource Management  
“Great information to take back and use with our in-house diversity efforts.”
“Learned a new way of looking at my biases. Her ‘Guerilla Bias’ concept really spoke to me!”
“Sondra’s session had very strong personal and workplace application. Great program.”
Participants in SHRM Workplace Diversity Conference

Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices (Singapore)

“On behalf of TAFEP, we wish to convey our heartfelt thanks to you for coming all the way to Singapore to speak at our Fair Employment Conference. Your insights and expertise during the keynote and workshops will equip the participants with the knowledge to create a more inclusive environment in their organizations.”
Andrew Fung, General Manager, TAFEP

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