Presentations That Make a Difference

Real Impact: Sondra knows that any presentation on unconscious bias needs to, not only involve and stimulate, but also have a concrete impact on the organization.

How it Happens: In order to achieve this result, she speaks at length with her clients about their specific goals, the nature of the audience, and any current challenges or successes being experienced by the organization.

What Her Clients Say About Impact:

  • “Audience members continue to talk about how what Sondra said made a real difference in their work.” Robert Stewart, Kirk’s Suede-Life, Inc.
  • “Sondra’s lively keynote address provided us with the skills needed to bring about lasting change.” Edna Powell, Pepperdine University
  • “Dr. Thiederman provided our staff with tools to immediately increase business.” Dianne Guenther, Norwest Mortgage
  • “Sondra’s message of seeing people without the screen of bias continues to benefit us. She allowed us to look at ourselves without fear and gave us a clear route to increased effectiveness.” Janet Peterson, US Department of Agriculture
  • “Sondra’s message had genuine “take home” value and gave us the customized program we were looking for.” Deb Curtis, The Principal Financial Group

Presentations Delivered in a Way That Is Heard, Enjoyed, and Remembered

Speaking Style: Sondra has a reputation as a speaker who delivers her material with a well-honed balance of playfulness, personal revelation, and down-to-earth openness.

What Her Clients Say About Style:Sondra Thiederman Speaking on Unconscious Bias

  • “Her passion and enthusiasm are infectious.” Network General
  • “Sondra inspires and educates with a sense of fun.” Steinmart
  • “She created a safe atmosphere in which people can have honest dialogue.” Lockheed Martin

Presentations That Feature Audience Interaction

Involving the Audience: From thought-provoking questions to brief activities designed to solicit personal insights and content retention, the audience remains engaged every step of the way.

What Her Clients Say About Audience Involvement:

  • “Sondra involved the audience in lively interaction and idea exchange.” Judith Enns, Eastridge Temporary and Personnel Services
  • “Dr. Thiederman was able to challenge the group and generate productive interaction and discussion.” Brian Stull, Newell Rubbermaid
  • “Her solid delivery brought the right balance to turn the conversation into a two-way dialogue.” Stephanie Hill, IS&GS – Civil President, Lockheed Martin

Presentations Formatted to Fit Your Meeting Schedule

Flexibility: Sondra’s programs can be offered in a variety of lengths and formats.

  • Keynote or general session addresses ranging up to 1½ hours
  • Convention break-out sessions
  • Half-day workshops
  • “Brown Bag” lunch-time talks for managers and/or team members
  • In-person presentations simultaneously broadcast to remote locations
  • Webinars and telephone conferences

Click here to view Sondra’s video demonstration tape. The video will give you a good idea of Sondra’s speaking style. Specific content will vary with the topic and your meeting goals.

Click here to access Meeting Planner Resources such as Sondra’s publishable Biography, Speaker Introduction, and audio-visual needs.

Click here to read more about what Sondra’s clients have to say.

Please contact us here or call 619-583-4478 to find out how Sondra can develop a presentation that is perfect for your event or webinar.


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