Allstate Insurance  
“Sondra’s comments were the highlight of our recent Forum. In fact, her presentation became the subject of discussion at virtually every dinner conversation. Sondra provided everything we hoped for. In particular, she met my two principal objectives: an increased awareness and understanding of cultural diversity, and an entertaining and humorous presentation.”
Jon MacKay, Law and Regulation

Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida  
“We got great positive feedback from our leaders on your multicultural marketing and sales keynote. Everyone – and I mean everyone – thought you were fantastic!.”
Janice Bradley

Independent Insurance Agents of Washington
“You really opened minds at our Annual Conference. The members of our association provide a valuable financial service to the public and it is part of their nature to care about people and their needs. However, like all of us, they tend to provide their services to people with whom they feel comfortable – people just like themselves. You helped open their minds and hearts by showing them that embracing diversity is the profitable thing to do. We know that many of the men and women who attended will enhance their bottom line by taking a fresh look at their operations from a multicultural point of view. We thank you for helping them gain this valuable business perspective.”
Larry Kees, Executive Vice-President

State Farm Insurance Companies  
“Sondra, you would be proud to know that you received more positive feedback than any of our other presenters. The audience obviously greatly appreciated your message and the fact that you helped greatly to make our conference a success.”
Clayton J. Adams, Vice-President, Community Development

“Your message was both valuable and actionable. Your ability to provide useful information allowed our leadership group to become more aware of our biases and taught us to shift the focus from ‘differences’ to ‘shared interests.’ Your hard work and commitment resonated throughout the program as you made the connection between your world and State Farm’s. Not only was it a pleasure hearing your presentation and watching you connect with the audience, but working with you throughout the process was delightful!”
Pam Lewandowski, Leadership Development Specialist

“Sondra, thank you for participating in our annual Diversity and Inclusion conference. Your knowledge on the topic of bias was easily transferred to the audience through your use of personal examples. We also appreciated how easy it was to work with you and your office to meet our changing needs. We look forward to working with you in the future.”
Valerie Stocker, Learning and Development

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