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California Association of Personnel Consultants  
“Dr. Thiederman helped us look at the biases we have and work through them without preaching or creating embarrassment. In particular, she focused on how our attitudes toward cultural differences can impact our interviewing and management strategies. Her message was especially helpful to us as personnel consultants whose job it is to find the most qualified candidates to meet our client’s needs. Understanding cultural differences and how bias impacts our perceptions will allow us to recognize the potential of all candidates.”
Susan M Mroz, Former President, Orange County Chapter

Eastridge Temporary and Personnel Services  
“Eastridge Temporary and Personnel Services sponsored a four hour program entitled ‘Managing the Multi-Cultural Workforce’ with Dr. Sondra Thiederman. We could not have been more pleased with the outcome and the value received by our clients. Sondra dealt easily with multi-cultural workforce issues while involving her audience in lively interaction and idea exchange. Sondra has a solid practical grasp of her subject and can, therefore, offer her audience real-world advice based on her experience with varied organizations.”
Judith Enns, Business Development Director

Meridian Temporary Services
“Sondra, your presentation was, as always, lively and loaded with useful information. In a non-threatening way you helped people look at some of their biases and how those can negatively impact their work. By the way, I saw the article on you in the Tribune. The timing is perfect. I plan to send it out to those who could not attend your great talk.”
Christopher Shipp, Former President

SoCal Personnel Services
“I am pleased to say that I have had the opportunity to see Sondra speak on multi-cultural work force issues on two occasions. Her presentations are clear, the examples realistic, and the solutions both practical and timely. I am happy to recommend Sondra without reservation.”
Bill Stone, SoCal Search Personnel Service

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