AirTouch Communications
“When we invited Sondra to join our International Leadership Team and address the issue of how to do business across cultural lines, she gave a session that few of us will forget. In particular, I appreciated the fact that she brought the group into the presentation in a way that challenged some of their perceptions and also acknowledged their experience. In fact, one senior manager had been skeptical about the topic and had to admit it was one of the best training sessions he had attended at AirTouch.”
Laura Kerekes, Vice-President, International Human Resources

American Textile Manufacturers Institute  
“Judging by the feedback received after your program at our recent annual meeting, your presentation was extremely well received. Your comments on workplace diversity resonated deeply with our members particularly your emphasis on the fact that diversity does not and should not necessitate the lowering of standards.”
Doug Ellis, President

“AT&T Microelectronics held its Super Achievers banquet on a boat in San Diego Bay and Sondra was the keynote speaker. Everyone found the presentation informative and relevant. I hope to have Sondra speak to a wider AT&T audience in the future.”
William R. Spivey, Vice-President, Systems and Technology

Avnet, Inc.  
“Thank you so much for your involvement with our new global direction. Your message ‘Getting Culture Smart’ fit perfectly with the theme of our workshop – change management. The issues you raised continued to be talked about during the rest of the workshop. In short, you added lasting value to the program and we look forward to the privilege of passing the word on to other businesses.”
Grace S. Welch, Pivvot – An Avnet Company

Deluxe Check Printers  
“When Sondra came to speak to a group of 36 managers from our West Coast Region, her job was complex because she had to address a cross-section of production managers, plant managers, and sales managers. The outcome and feedback were excellent. The information and ideas presented were very well received and her enthusiastic style held everyone’s rapt attention.”
Wayne Chrystal, Vice-President/Regional Manager

Dow Corning Corporation  
“Workplace diversity as a business imperative has been discussed at the highest levels of our organization. Dr. Thiederman was able to bring that message and her unique knowledge together to make an outstanding presentation at our Global Engineering Conference. Speaking after dinner to a group of engineers on a non-technical subject would be a challenge for anyone. Sondra did a marvelous job of rising to that challenge and overcoming the initial skepticism of a very diverse audience. She worked hard to understand our company, an effort that paid off in her ability to create an atmosphere of trust and acceptance by the leadership of the Corporation.”
John M. Bortz, Former Manufacturing Consultant

“Sondra conducted a program on ‘Strategies for Managing the Multicultural Workforce’ for 25 of our managers. The presentation was both insightful and energetic. It was exactly what we needed to more effectively manage diverse personalities and ethnicities. We would recommend Sondra to anyone interested in learning more about managing diversity.”
Antoinette Knudsen, Vice President

General Dynamics Electronics Division  
“I can’t tell you how thrilled the company is with the programs you presented at the plant. You received rave reviews and there is serious talk about offering more of the same to a wider range of staff. The fact that you focused less on blaming people for past wrongs and more on how to fix things in the future had a big impact on your success. I would recommend you to anyone seeking this type of training.”
Rick Wiley, Former Human Resource Representative

Honeywell, Inc.  
“I wholeheartedly recommend Sondra Thiederman as a speaker on workplace diversity and bias-reduction. I have had the privilege of seeing her speak on two occasions. Following my first exposure to Sondra’s speaking skills, I invited her to be the keynote speaker and panel moderator at our Executive Conference. This forum attracts top management from leading industrial companies. Following her keynote address, Sondra worked along-side other panel members, including Dick Cheney, to lead the group of executives in their discussion of cutting edge diversity topics. Without exception, the audience gave her excellent scores. I could not have been more pleased with the results of her participation.”
Frances B. Emerson, Former Director, Communications

“Dr. Thiederman was the keynote speaker at our last Joint Diversity Conference. Not only did the participants give her high evaluations, she was a true collaborator throughout the process. Rest assured, she will spend the time to understand the big picture of your situation and will help you achieve your business goals. She does far more than show up to present slides. Because of this and her willingness to customize the bias reduction program to our needs, I hope to work with her again in the future.”
Ronald Moore, Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Lockheed Martin  
“We are so pleased that we selected Dr. Sondra Thiederman to address the sensitive subject of bias in the workplace. Her solid delivery demonstrated her expertise and brought the right balance to turn the conversation into a two-way dialogue. Our team walked away with a heightened awareness of the existence of bias and methods to enhance our day-to-day work culture. Her techniques will help create an environment of inclusion, thereby strengthening our relationships and promoting exceptional performance.
Stephanie Hill, IS&GS-Civil President

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
“Great dialogue on a sensitive issue. The speaker set an atmosphere that gave us the courage to talk about implicit bias.”
“The speaker had great energy and used stories that made it real for people. Very successful.”
“The presentation on implicit bias was fabulous.”
Program Participants

M.D.U. Resources  

“Thank you, Sondra, for your great presentation at our Leadership Conference. Your stage presence and use of humor helped sell your message on cultural and gender diversity to the audience. You are a real pro behind the microphone and your skill helped make the conference our best yet.”
Martin A. White, President and CEO

“Sondra has been a pleasure to work with and has been more than willing to customize several programs to meet our needs. Her presentation style, ability to answer often complex and delicate questions, and her enthusiasm for involving participants in the learning process has resulted in excellent evaluations.”
Carole Rabin, Former Manager Compliance, Global Diversity Programs

NCR Corporation  
“When Sondra came to NCR to offer a workshop on workplace diversity to the management staff, not only did she make every effort to assess and address our specific needs, she delivered the material with great sensitivity and provided numerous practical tools with which to manage diversity effectively.”
Pamela Hedegard, Assistant Vice-President, Global Support Center

Network General  
“Sondra’s presentation was perfectly tailored to our group. In addition, her style was genuine, credible, and stimulating. Most important, she used examples which were perfectly balanced, neither too abstract nor too concrete. She held everyone in rapt attention due in part to the fact that her passion and enthusiasm were infectious. It is that enthusiasm, to quote from the Robert Frost poem ‘The Road Not Taken,’ …that has made all the difference.’”
John A. Hohulin, Manager, Worldwide Employment

Newell Rubbermaid  
“Dr. Thiederman spoke on diversity in the workplace to a group of high level Human Resource executives. She gained instant credibility with the group when it was apparent that she thoroughly grasped our company culture and was, therefore, able to challenge the group and generate productive interaction and discussion. As we continue to explore this topic within our company, we will not hesitate to call on Dr. Thiederman again.’”
Brian Stull, Vice President, Corporate Human Resources

Northrop Grumman Corporation  
“As one of the leading experts on bias in the workplace, we were honored to have you address our leadership staff. The session was a tremendous success and truly enlightened the audience to take responsibility for making diversity work. Your participation as a key speaker in our diversity education series was right on the mark.”
Betty Koller, Director, Talent Management, Operations

Proctor & Gamble (In Person + Webinar)  
“We recently staged a webinar on bias reduction with the help of Dr. Sondra Thiederman. She was wonderful to work with and facilitated this important topic extremely well. It was great to have the opportunity to work with her.”
Patricia Lin, Senior Project Manager

“Dr. Thiederman worked hard with our team to shape the program to our unique needs. Her upbeat and realistic style was very refreshing to our organizational outlook on diversity in the workplace.”
Tiana Griffin, Engineer

Raytheon Missile Systems  
“Sondra spoke at Raytheon recently on the topic of implicit bias and was absolutely excellent.”
Engineer and Program Participant

Rockwell International  
“The Equal Opportunity Advisory Committee was pleased to invite Sondra Thiederman to speak at our Cultural Heritage Week celebrations. Her program was extremely well received and contributed greatly to making it a successful event.”
Irene Escoto-Garcia, EEO Programs & Employee Relations

TDS Communications
“I want to thank you for the great presentation you provided for our group of 130 managers. All the feedback was positive and the topic — unconscious bias — fit in perfectly with our other D&I discussions.
Cliff Lawson, Vice-President, Network Operations

Solar Turbines, Inc.
“It was my privilege to meet Sondra Thiederman in 1992 when she first conducted diversity training for our organization. Based on the success of her earlier programs, I thought of her first when I decided to train my overseas sales and project management staff in the principles of cross-cultural business. My choice was the right one. For several weeks, Sondra worked with me and our staff to design a program that was just right for the group. Her excellent workshop was practical, insightful and, most important, provided tools that our people could immediately apply in the field. I would not hesitate to work with Sondra again nor to recommend her for any speaking or training on diversity or cross-cultural issues.”
Jill E. Terry, Senior H.R. Representative

United Auto Workers – General Motors
“Sondra’s talk helped our audience of 700 UAW leaders explore how diversity affects their personal and corporate lives. She tailored her remarks on diversity at work to this specific audience and used a light-hearted yet sensitive approach that was very well received. There is no doubt but that the audience left her presentation with new insights with which to form and sustain more profitable and bias free relationships.”
Larry E. Knox, GM Executive Co-Director

Xerox Corporation
“I would enthusiastically and unequivocally recommend Sondra as a speaker on any topic relative to cross-cultural communication and diversity at work. One reason we were so pleased with Sondra’s keynote address is that she took the time to meet and listen to the other speakers in order to customize her talk. Her effort paid off. After a long day of heavy presentations, Sondra lightened the atmosphere by delivering a serious talk in an entertaining manner that met our precise needs.”
Val Ziegler, Former Manager, Globalization

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