Miscellaneous Corporate Clients

“We unhesitatingly recommend Sondra to other organizations. One participant in her program commented, ‘Sondra’s presentation opened my eyes to the bigger picture and has changed my point of view.’ We couldn’t have been more pleased.”
Dallas Porter-Stowe, Executive Director

Belridge Packing Company
“Sondra spoke to our supervisors and management team on the subject of ‘Managing Diversity.’ Her talk was both enlightening and entertaining. Her knowledge of bias reduction was impressive and her delivery held everyone’s attention from beginning to end.”
Ana Pagan, Personnel Manager

Health Trust Purchasing Group  
“The take away from your bias reduction presentation has not gone away. I am still not sure how you managed to spark such an intense self-awareness in such a short time. I think it is because you painted a picture – you gave me your story and let me relate it to myself. You showed me your imperfections so that I would be more willing to see my own. Thank you for making a difference!”
Jani Wright, Supply Chain Director, St. Joseph’s Hospital

Kirk’s Suede-Life, Inc.  
“I am one of the fortunate ones in that I was able to see you speak twice in the last few months. Your presentation at our Suede-Life Seminar evoked an awareness in our customers that I have rarely seen. On at least six occasions since you spoke, customers have talked about how something you said made a real difference in their work. Congratulations on a job well done.”
Robert C. Stewart, Vice President / General Manager

KPMG Peat Marwick   
“Sondra Thiederman was selected to offer a general session address for KPMG’s International Executive Services Conference in San Francisco. The entire committee was thrilled with Sondra’s work. She presented a customized program that met the needs of a diverse audience of over 500 people. Her comments were well-informed, practical, and insightful as well as entertaining. I would recommend her as a speaker to anyone wishing a general session address on diversity or cross-cultural issues.”
Ruth A. Groth, National Director of Marketing

Language Line Services, Inc.
“You did an amazing job. We will definitely want to work with you again. Many thanks for an exceptional speech.”
Lou Provenzano, President and Chief Executive Officer

OCLC(In Person + Webinars)
“Everyone in the organization should participate in Dr. Thiederman’s program on workplace diversity and implicit bias. It made a real difference in my thinking.”
Participant, Manager, Training

PHH Arval
“Sondra’s presentation was thought-provoking and informative. Workplace diversity is a serious, personal, and complex topic and Sondra’s approach enabled her to balance these aspects with obvious skill. I would recommend Sondra to anyone interested in a speaker or facilitator on this important subject.”
Meg Gallagher, Manager, Special Events

Viad Corporation  
“The feedback we received on the “Respect in the Workplace” seminar was fantastic. Thanks for the terrific job and thanks for all you have done for our company.”
Robert H. Bohannon, Chairman, President, and CEO

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