Pharmaceutical Manufacturing/Pharmacists

American Society of Health System Pharmacists  
“Excellent program. Very applicable to all practice settings.”
“Easily the most enthusiastic presenter of all the sessions…made the session enjoyable and valuable.”
“Sondra could make any topic interesting, she was wonderful.”
Program Participants

AstraZeneca, Inc.
“Your positive, light-hearted approach with personal examples and practical tips was perfectly suited for our current stage of diversity learning. Thanks for so effectively kicking off our diversity speaker series.”
Kerby B. DeCarme, Former Director of Diversity

Merck & Company, Inc.  
“Sondra’s perspective and her ideas about diversity are new and refreshing. That, coupled with her engaging, energetic delivery style, helped make our conference a success. She did a fabulous job.”
Jo C. Jerman, Vice-President, Southeast Business Group

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals  
“When I saw Sondra Thiederman speak at a previous health care meeting, I knew she was the one I wanted to present at our managed care meeting. She did not let me down. Combining an obvious broad-breadth of knowledge with marvelous presentation skills, she enlivened and informed our audience of physicians and other health care professionals. By the time Sondra was finished, it is safe to say that everyone in the group not only enjoyed themselves but had a better knowledge of how cultural diversity impacts our industry.”
Jody Cohen, Regional Account Manager

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
“Thank you so much for presenting at the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association meeting. The group very much enjoyed your remarks and, because of you, are now better prepared to handle the challenges of a changing work force.”
Judith Miller, Vice President, Searle

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