Presentation Topics

Customization: Each topic can be customized to meet your individual goals.

Format: Each program is available as an in-person presentation or webinar.

Video Demonstration Tape: Click here to watch a video that will give you a good idea of Sondra’s speaking style. Specific content will vary with the topic and your goals.

Talk on Unconscious Bias

Topic #1 Defeating Unconscious Bias: Your Workplace Advantage

Provide your team with the skills needed to reduce the biases that interfere with the ability to lead and work effectively.  Click Here for Program Details

Topic #2 Gateways to Inclusion: Turn Tense Moments into Productive Conversations

Learn the skills needed to convert moments of workplace tension into gateways to increased understanding and better workplace relationships.  Click Here for Program Details

Topic #3 Cultivating Common Ground: Innovation, Trust, Bias Reduction

Overcome workplace bias and increase innovation by identifying shared values and goals.  Click Here for Program Details

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