Topic #3: Cultivating Common Ground: Innovation, Trust, Bias Reduction

“Civilization should be measured by the degree of diversity attained and the degree of unity retained.”  W.H. Auden


What Is the Purpose of This Program?

To provide the tools for defeating bias and enhancing the workplace by identifying and cultivating shared values, goals, and interests in a diverse workplace.

Is There a Contradiction Between Valuing Diversity and Cultivating Common Ground?

No. Valuing differences and noticing what we have in common are simultaneous attitudes that greatly enhance any workplace.

What Does Research Say About the Value of Cultivating Common Ground While Valuing Diversity?

  • Cultivating Common Ground reduces conscious and unconscious bias by modifying the way perceive others.
  • Cultivating Common Ground increases trust and, thereby, encourages the sharing of innovative ideas.
  • Cultivating Common Ground encourages harmony among team members and allows for closer, more effective, working relationships.

What Does This Program Cover?

  • Background on the importance of both valuing diversity and identifying Common Ground.
  • How focusing on commonalities in the workplace reduces conscious and unconscious bias.
  • The benefits of focusing on commonalities in the workplace including increased trust, enhanced innovation, and reduced bias.
  • The values that all human beings – regardless of background – share.
  • Specific skills and strategies for both identifying and cultivating Common Ground in the workplace. These include:
    • How to keep Common Ground top of mind
    • How to encourage and structure productive inter-group contact
    • How to develop two-way mentor partnerships
    • How to develop Employee Resource Groups around shared needs and goals

How Will You Benefit from This Program?

  • Reduced conscious and unconscious bias
  • Increased workplace comfort and trust
  • Increased employee willingness to speak up with ideas and information
  • Increased empathy between team members
  • Increased opportunities for innovation and creativity

Can This Program Be Customized?

Yes, Dr. Thiederman will work closely with you to assure that the presentation speaks directly to your needs and goals.

Where Can I Read What Sondra Has Written About the Value of Common Ground?

Click on these titles to learn more about this topic:

“I Like You if You’re Like Me”

 “Reduce Bias by Cultivating Common Ground”

“Get Me Out of Here!: How to Create an Us”

“Common Ground is Valuable Real Estate.”

Support Material: “Cultivating Common Ground” is based on Sondra’s book, 3 Keys to Defeating Unconscious Bias: Watch, Think, Act. Click on the title to learn more about how this handbook can support both this program and the rest of your diversity/inclusion efforts.

Please contact us here or call 619-583-4478 to find out how Sondra can develop a presentation that is perfect for your event or webinar.


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