Topic #6: Culturally-Competent Patient Care: Your Competitive Advantage (Health Care Industry)

At no time in the history of this nation has competition for patients been more intense and diversity in health care more widespread. If we add to this the fact that close-knit immigrant communities provide wonderful opportunities for positive word-of-mouth, it becomes imperative that we take culture and language differences into account when designing our patient care strategies.

This program is designed to help organizations achieve the goal of delivering the kind of culturally-competent care that will allow them to fulfill their mission and increase business success.

Typical Audience: Health care professionals, medical staff, other associated staff who have first hand contact with patients of diverse backgrounds and their families

Format Options: This presentation is available as keynote, general session talk, break-out session, or half-day workshop. It can also be presented as a webinar or telephone conference.

Program Content: This presentation focuses on how successful cross-cultural communication and patient care can be used to enhance your healthcare business. It includes:

  • When it is appropriate to acknowledge (or take into consideration) cultural and other differences.
  • How biases can interfere with effective patient care (and what to do about it).
  • Varying cultural attitudes toward the patient role in the health care process and what it means for how you deliver care.
  • Differing cultural attitudes toward time, punctuality, and their relationship to compliance.
  • Alternative medical beliefs and how to handle them.
  • The issue of complaint presentation and pain response among diverse groups.
  • How to identify the Common Ground that all cultures share and how to use that knowledge to improve compliance.
  • Skills for communicating across language and accent differences.

Note: Programs are also available on how to inclusively manage a diverse healthcare staff. Alternatively, both patient care and managing a diverse staff can be combined into one program.

Audience Engagement: An involved audience is an audience that will learn. Each talk is designed to keep participants intrigued with a wide range of information, workplace examples, personal anecdotes, humor, and audience participation.

Program Benefits: This program will result in:

  • Increased patient compliance and recovery rates.
  • Increased health care staff satisfaction.
  • Improved staff comfort with diverse patients and their families.
  • Better word-of-mouth “advertising” by satisfied patients within their tightly-knit communities resulting in increased market share.

Customization: Prior to the offering of any program, Dr. Thiederman will make every effort to hone the presentation – through client and industry-specific examples – so that it speaks directly to the needs and expectations of the audience.

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