Topic #1: Defeating Unconscious Bias: Your Workplace Advantage

What is the Purpose of This Program?

To provide the skills needed to reduce unconscious bias in the workplace.

How Do Biases Damage Your Workplace? 

  • Biases reduce the ability to make successful hiring and promotion decisions.
  • Biases discourage people of diverse backgrounds from contributing ideas and taking professional chances.
  • Biases trigger the loss of valuable employees.
  • Biases minimize innovation and creativity
  • Biases interfere with the development of productive work teams.

Can Unconscious Biases Be Defeated?

Research has shown that all but the most deeply-rooted biases can be defeated by employing tangible techniques.

What Principles Shape Sondra’s Presentations?

  • Carefully honed techniques to diffuse participant resistance and gain audience buy-in on the topic
  • Emphasis on immediately applicable skills rather than blame or guilt.
  • An emphasis on personal responsibility to defeat bias
  • Practical skills presented with respectful humor and audience involvement.

What Does the Program Cover?

  • The definition of “bias” and explanation of how it functions to distort our perceptions
  • Examples of how conscious and unconscious bias impacts our ability to lead and work effectively
  • Two devices for becoming aware of one’s unconscious biases
  • Techniques for using the power of the pause to manage bias
  • Strategies for using logic to weaken the foundation of bias
  • Strategies for reducing both conscious and implicit bias by identifying the Common Ground we share with colleagues, customers, and clients
  • Techniques for defeating bias by “Acting as If…” it doesn’t exist.
defeatig unconscious bias

3 Keys to Defeating Unconscious Bias

Can This Program Be Customized?:

Yes, Dr. Thiederman will work closely with you to assure that the presentation speaks directly to your needs and goals.

Support Material for Participants:

It is suggested you purchase Dr. Thiederman’s book, 3 Keys to Defeating Unconscious Bias, to distribute to participants in this program.

Where Can I Read More About Unconscious Bias?

Click here to read what Sondra has written on the topic of defeating unconscious bias.


Please contact us here or call 619-583-4478 to find out how Sondra might develop a presentation that is perfect for your event or webinar.


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