Public Sector/Quasi-Government Agencies

British Columbia Assessment Authority
“Sondra Thiederman is a dynamic, personal, enjoyable speaker whom we would, without hesitation, love to invite back for more presentations in the future.”
Delcie McLellan, Personnel Coordinator

California Employer Council  
“Sondra takes a very sensitive subject and, with extremely good taste, presents it in a way that provides valuable tools for employer management teams. At a time when the population of foreign-born employees is growing and, further, when the workplace environment is litigious, it is more important than ever that we understand all populations. Sondra’s presentation certainly helped in the furtherance of that goal.”
Marjorie Kelso, President

California Employment Development Department  
“Dr. Sondra Thiederman was a featured speaker at our annual Employer Seminar. Her subject was timely, well delivered, and extremely well received by our audience of 200 employers. Without a doubt, her presence contributed greatly to the success of the day.”
N. Flores, Manager

California State Lottery  
“Sondra’s presentation was the highlight of our sales training conference. This success was due in part to the fact that she took the time to interview a half-dozen of our team members in order to get first hand knowledge of their work. She then seamlessly wove that information into her presentation. In short, she gave us what we need to continue to relate successfully to our constantly-changing population of diverse customers.”
Al Alvarado, Key Accounts Manager

City of Denver  
“We want to thank you for your participation in the Mayor’s Conference on Valuing Diversity. You made us laugh, think, and change while providing specific strategies for diffusing the subtle ‘Guerilla Biases’ that can afflict even the most experienced diversity champion. Feedback for your keynote was universally positive with comments ranging from ‘We’ll have to have her back,’ to ‘Sondra made me think about bias in a new and different way.’ Sondra, you were a real asset to our meeting and we strongly recommend you to anyone as a general session speaker on diversity, leadership, or bias-reduction. We look forward to working with you on future projects.”
Janice Alexandra, Chair, Denver Diversity Advisory Committee
Susan Maxfield, Diversity Manager, City and County of Denver

City of Irving, Texas  
“Sondra followed Henry Cisneros and Oren Harari as the third speaker in our Fall Speakers Series. Not only did she bring her own point of view, she then inspired and motivated a very diverse audience to apply the diversity lessons learned in the Series to the important task of building harmonious and productive communities.”
Kevin Kass, Planning Manager

City of Long Beach, California  
“According to the evaluations and word-of-mouth, your presentation at our Management Conference was outstanding! Thank you for a professional, informative, and enjoyable program.”
Dolores Barrows, Affirmative Action Officer

City of Sunnyvale, California  
“We have been getting nothing but positive feedback about your presentation. Many managers who had previously not been very receptive to the topic of diversity said that you presented the topic in such an ‘easy to digest’ and playful manner that they couldn’t resist opening their minds to what you had to say. Thank you for making this one of the best Management Days ever.”
David L. Nieto, Director, Human Resources

Commonwealth of Kentucky  
“Sondra Thiederman has a remarkable ability to send her message to large, diverse groups. What makes her so special is that each group will find a different part of her message to take home. As a listener and student, you find yourself learning from Sondra’s lessons long after the session is over. I would recommend her to any organization that is committed to fairness and equity while continuing to succeed in the marketplace. She is, without question, one of the best in the field.”
Singer Buchanan, Jr., Deputy Secretary, State EEO Coordinator

League of California Cities  
“Thanks for helping us close our meeting so successfully. Your ability to adapt to our concerns about how increasingly impersonal communication methods such as e-mail and faxes affect our relationships was even more than we had hoped for. You tied these concerns nicely into the reality that people hear messages through many different cultural filters. I’m glad we were able to get you on our program again. Hopefully it won’t be so long until the next time.”
Terry Dugan, Assistant Director, Education and Conferences

National Credit Union Administration  
“Thank you for speaking at our Regional Conference – we have heard very positive remarks from the attendees. You really gave us something to think about!”
Program Participant

U.S. Department of Agriculture  
“We are so glad we scheduled you as our first speaker because it started us off on such a positive note. The enthusiasm you generated carried throughout the rest of the conference. Even the stodgiest ‘good-old-boy’ responded positively to your approach. Several from a group that I really expected to resist the topic said, ‘Best speaker I have heard in a long time,’ and ‘I could have listened for hours.’ Your message of seeing people without the screen of bias crept into our interactions throughout the week and continues to be integrated into our dealings with contractors and co-workers now that we are back to work. You allowed us to look at ourselves without fear and see a route for increased effectiveness through those insights. Thank you for that and for a job exceedingly well done.”
Janet R. Peterson, Contract Specialist

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