Real Estate/Relocation/Property Management

Apartment Association of Orange County  
“Sondra, thanks so much for speaking at our recent trade show. Your topic, ‘Making Cultural Diversity Work for You,’ was very well received, so much so that we are looking forward to publishing an article authored by you on the same subject.”
Robert Diaz, Trade Show Chairman

California Rental Association  
“Sondra, they loved you! On the evaluations, you scored 90% “tens”. Clearly they want you back. Your remarks were very kind and it was obvious that people appreciated your effort to relate the material to the rental industry. Thank you for a great presentation and your help on site to make the meeting such a success.”
Linda Dellarocca

Century 21 Real Estate Corporation  
“As I sat watching you speak at our annual luncheon, I could see the rapt attention which you commanded throughout the presentation. You were a hit! Your luncheon address was well-timed, professional, and stimulating. I would welcome the opportunity to have you participate again in the future.”
Gail J. Curran, Director, Referrals/Relocation

Community Associations Institute
“Thank you so much for participating in our annual conference. Your general session address provided tremendous insight into the world of diversity. The points you raised caused considerable conversation throughout the rest of the conference. Next time you come, we would like to add to your general session talk an opportunity for the participants to work with you in a small group setting. I’ll look forward to seeing you again soon.”
Barbara Byrd-Lawler, CAE, Executive Vice President

Employee Relocation Council(In-Person Speaking and Webinar)  
“‘Great Speaker!, Refreshing!, Entertaining — not long enough!’ These are some of the comments we received from your general session talk at our International Conference. We only wish we had allowed more time for your great material.”
Cici Thompson, Vice-President, Meetings and Membership

“I have known Sondra since 1993 when she first delivered a keynote address for our annual International Seminar. Since then she has spoken for us several times. Most recently, she offered a skill-packed talk at our National Relocation Conference on ‘Bias-Free Customer Service.’ Her material was so valuable that we then invited her to conduct a Webinar on the same topic. On both occasions, she gave the group skills that will no doubt improve our business relationships and, in turn, our profitability.”
Cici Thompson, CAE, Vice President, Meetings and Membership

Institute for Real Estate Management  
“Sondra Thiederman’s presentation was rated as one of the top sessions at our Mid-Year Conference. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and her knowledge of her subject exceeded our expectations. It was a personal and professional privilege to work with Dr. Thiederman. A speaker of this caliber can only make the meeting planner look good.”
Martha Nukuto, Meeting Program Coordinator

“Congratulations! You were among the top five speakers at IDRC’s Spring World Congress. On behalf of our membership and staff, we look forward to working with you again in the future.”
Hazel J. Pankey, Conference Program Manager

The Staubach Company
“With the exceptional expertise and direction of Sondra Thiederman we successfully launched a formal diversity program. She was instrumental in guiding The Staubach Company in this important business initiative. She is an invaluable resource and a quintessential diversity professional.”
Helen Curtis, Former Vice-President, Human Resources

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