Various Associations/Non-Profit

American Dietetic Association (In Person + Telephone Conference)  
“A fantastic presentation on cultural competency.”
“Sondra was terrific! I liked her presentation style and the material was definitely something I can take home to my students.”
“The speaker really knew the subject – very engaging with lots of take home messages.”
Program Participants

“Thank you for the great job on the Teleseminar ‘Culturally-Competent Care: Skills for Achieving Dietary Compliance Across Cultural Lines.’ We appreciate your efforts and the time you spent in organizing and preparing for this event. It shows the depth and breadth of your expertise in this area and your support and interest in ADA.”
Eileen Joschko, Manager, Professional Development

American Humane Association  
“We realize that we asked you to put an interesting twist on the topic of diversity when you addressed our group on how to persuade people of different backgrounds to treat animals more humanely. Thank you for delivering such ‘nuts and bolts’ information in such an entertaining fashion. Our attendees want you back next year – a request we plan to fulfill.”
Carol Moulton, Former Associate Director

Association of Field Service Managers  
“It was my pleasure to engage Sondra Thiederman to speak to our group on how to relate more effectively to customers of diverse backgrounds. Many of our members service equipment offshore and need to be able to communicate with people from other cultures. Sondra perfectly fit the bill covering a great deal of practical material while, at the same time, actively involving the audience. Several of my colleagues and I are already thinking of offering more of these seminars for our employees. I would strongly recommend Sondra to anyone engaged in activities with people from other cultures.”
Peter G. LaFrance, Program Chair

California Association of Services for Children
“When Sondra addressed our Spring Conference in Sacramento, she was right on-point in terms of the needs of our member agency executives. I heard nothing but positive feedback throughout the rest of the conference. We all enjoyed having the opportunity to meet her and I hope that we will be able to work together again.”
Nina M. Grayson, Associate Director

Coalition for Family and Children’s Services  
“Despite the challenging circumstances of a lunchtime presentation before several hundred attendees sitting at their dining tables, Dr. Thiederman’s multi-media interactive session was extremely well received. We strongly endorse her as a speaker on cross-cultural topics.”
Ralph Rosenberg, Executive Director

Make-A-Wish Foundation
“I have heard nothing but positive comments about your talk. The expertise you brought can only motivate Make-A-Wish volunteers to continue their efforts to reach out to culturally-diverse communities. We realize that this was a new slant on your usual topic and your efforts to understand our organization and our diversity needs paid off. The talk was a great success.”
Theresa Weber, Convention Seminar Coordinator

Merchants and Manufacturers Association
“Thank you ever so much for your excellent presentation to the M&M Board of Directors. I was particularly delighted to hear wonderful feedback from several of our officers. You are a real pro, not only in your content but in your delivery. We at M&M look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the future.”
D.E. Butler, President & CEO

Professional Secretaries International  
“Sondra, thanks so much for your great presentation to our almost 500-strong audience of office professionals. The information you provided was relative to us all and the comments on the evaluations exemplary. Here are just a few:
‘Sondra made me take an honest look at myself;’
‘The speaker took a common-sense approach to looking at people as human beings;’
‘Could have listened and learned for an entire day;’
‘Best speaker of all conferences I have been to.’”
Program Participants and Kathy L. Schoneboom, CPS Manager

Recreational Vehicle Industry Association  
“Thank you for the substance-filled talk on diversity in the workplace. The program was excellent and I am certain that the practical information it contained will benefit all those who attended. I hope we will have the opportunity to work together again in the future.”
Mike Hutya, Vice-President, Meetings

Rochester Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce (Athena Foundation)  
“Dr. Thiederman’s keynote address was an important factor contributing to the success of our event. The enthusiastic applause of nearly 900 professionals attending our Annual Award luncheon reinforced this belief. Her delivery had everyone listening attentively. I would highly recommend Sondra as an outstanding speaker on any diversity-related topic.”
Shirley A. Howard, President, Women’s Council

Sales and Marketing Executives of San Diego  
“Sondra, the timing of your talk was perfect. You gave us specific material on cross-cultural sales that will add immediately to our ability to sell to people from different cultures. In addition, you showed us how our biases can easily interfere with business success. You made a real difference.”
Mary Scavezze Lankamp, Former President

Sales Professionals of Los Angeles
“Because of your program on how to sell to diverse consumers, I know that our membership will be more effective in meeting the needs of prospects of other backgrounds. The members of our group found your topic very relevant to their needs both professionally and personally. Further, your style is warm and easy to listen to, and your touch of humor added to the entire experience.”
Carolyn Lenert. Former President

Special Libraries Association  
“On behalf of the staff, thank you so much for guiding us through an awakening of our awareness of bias in the workplace. Many staff members have commented that this was one of the best staff development programs we have ever offered. Indeed, I can say that this was one of the few programs where I have witnessed participation from staff members who normally are not active in a group setting. Thanks so much for all your effort.”
David R. Bender, Ph.D., Former Executive Director

Textile Care Allied Trade Association  
“Sondra recently spoke at our Annual Convention which is attended by manufacturers and distributors of dry cleaning and laundry equipment. Her professionalism and ‘down-to-earth’ style worked wonderfully with this group. I do not hesitate to recommend her as a speaker to any industry.”
David H. Cotter, Executive Director

Western Area Mass Dietetic Association(Telephone Conference)  
“Your presentation was excellent and was very well received. Though you were not physically with us, your passion, warmth and humor came through loud and clear. I don’t think there are many speakers that can do that!”
Young Hee Kim, WAMDA Program Chair

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