Webinars on Unconscious Bias

author-picWebinars Are an Economical Way to Share the Skills for Defeating Unconscious Bias

The young man depicted in this picture is clearly struggling to help people communicate. Fortunately for us, technology has evolved from the days of the switchboard to the point that we can interact, and learn, with much less effort. Turn on your computer and pick up the phone and we’re together!

Engagement Across the Miles

Let’s face it, in-person presentations are always more effective than distance learning. Having said that, Sondra has developed facilitation techniques that have been remarkably successful at bringing ideas and people together across the miles.

Janice Bowman, President of the Association of Diversity Councils, puts it best when she says, “Sondra’s unique ability to engage the audience made us feel as if we were in the same room with her.”

What You’ll Get

If you hire Sondra to facilitate either a webinar on unconscious bias, here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A program customized to meet your individual needs and goals
  • Electronic PowerPoint slides for use during the presentation and for loading on your internal web site following the event
  • Permission to record the program for in-house or membership distribution
  • Custom-designed promotional copy
  • Follow-up telephone support. Sondra will be available following the program to answer – via telephone or e-mail – any questions that did not get answered during the program.

Webinar Preview Available

Click here to watch a webinar on unconscious bias that Sondra recently presented to a client. Additional topics can be found by clicking here.

Please contact us here or call 619-583-4478 to find out if Sondra is the best speaker for your event or webinar.


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