Can We Reduce Bias in the Workplace?

Yes – all but the most deeply hidden biases (and even those under some circumstances) can be fixed or, at the very least, managed more effectively. Although, there isn’t enough room here to go into all the details, here are the types of elements that can be brought to bear to the bias reduction process:

  • Dissecting the bias to reveal its weak foundation.
  • Exposing oneself to media and images that carry a counter-bias message (this, by the way, can be very effective at reducing unconscious bias).
  • Spending time with a variety of people from diverse groups. This time is most effective at reducing bias if it is relaxed, appropriately intimate, and goal oriented.
  • Deliberately acting as if the bias does not exists (“attitude follows behavior”).
  • Identify what you have in common with groups otherwise different from yourself (“Common Ground”).

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