Is there any way to become aware of unconscious biases?

Yes, fortunately there is. The lucky thing about biases is that even the ones that are initially unconscious aren’t very good at staying hidden. All but the most deeply buried reveal their existence at one time or another. There are three primary ways to become aware of our unconscious biases.

  1. Begin to notice the first assumption that pops into your mind when encountering someone different from yourself. That thought might be a clue to a hidden bias.
  2. Take the Implicit Association Test by clicking here. Although the test is not intended as a definitive diagnosis of bias, it is a powerful first step.
  3. Observe your own behaviors and decision-making processes as they involve different groups. Do you notice any consistent reactions that seem to be linked to what you believe to be the nature of that group? If so, you just might have a bias on your hands.

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