Meeting Planner Resources

Sondra realizes that planning a meeting of any size is a complex – and sometimes anxiety-riddled – process. In an effort to make your job easier, we have included here the logistical information meeting planners and clients need to move their planning forward.

Audio-Visual Needs

  • Computer loaded with PowerPoint software. Sondra will e-mail her slides ahead of time for loading and bring them on a flash drive as a back up.
  • Remote control for the changing of slides if the computer will be positioned out of reach of the speaker
  • LCD projector (and screen). For front-screen projection, please place the projector either near the ceiling or in a corner of the room so that Sondra’s movement will not interfere with the image.
  • Wireless lapel microphone

Stage Set-Up Preferences
If Sondra is to be speaking from a stage or elevated platform, please arrange objects on the stage in such a way as to allow her freedom to move around.

Audience Seating
One sure way to sabotage the success of a meeting is to have the participants too spread out within a large room. Any effort you can make to have the audience close to the stage and comfortably close to each other will enhance the effectiveness of the presentation.

Because Sondra places a premium on her ability to see and interact with the audience, please keep the lights in the room at a fairly high level.

Speaker Introduction
Click here to access a PDF document that can be used to introduce Sondra. Feel free to let us know if you would like to use something that is more customizPage -Sub-Sub-page- Bio PDF ’17ed to your particular group.Page -Sub-Sub-page-Speaker Intro ’17

Biography for Publication
Click here to access a PDF document of a Biography that can be used for publication in your meeting brochure or on your web site. Please contact Sondra if you would like her to create a version customized for your particular event.

Photo for Publication
Click on an image below to download a photo of Sondra that can be used in your publication or on your meeting site.

Topic Descriptions for Publication
If the topic descriptions connected to this link are not perfect for publication in a meeting brochure or on your meeting website, simply contact Sondra here to request a customized version.

Handouts/Support Materials
Depending on the nature of the event, Sondra routinely provides – at no extra charge – support materials that can be duplicated and distributed to the audience or posted on your web site. She will provide an electronic copy of those materials by a mutually agreed upon deadline.

Sondra’s Arrival Time
Unless the presentation is local to Sondra’s home in San Diego, she will arrive at the meeting location the day before the presentation. In addition, she will be present in the meeting room at least one hour prior to start time to check on equipment and have any last minute conversations with the client.

Media Appearances and Publishable Articles
Sondra is available for media appearances and interviews. She can also provide articles on diversity-related issues for your in-house publications or website.


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