Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts: Communicating Respect in a Diverse World


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By Leslie Aguilar

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How to End Demeaning Comments In Your Workplace

Have you ever witnessed someone make a biased or stereotypical statement and didn’t know what to do? Well, you are not alone. Knowing what to say and how to say it is tricky. We ask ourselves, what if the person gets angry? What if they accuse me of being too sensitive?

In order to overcome this hesitation, we need two things: First, an understanding of how harmful it is to remain silent and, second, specific instruction on how to go about speaking up.

Fortunately, those two things are exactly what Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts provides.

Staying silent in the face of demeaning comments allows these behaviors – and the attitudes behind them – to thrive. If we can get even one person to break the silence, it will inspire others to do the same. In this comprehensive classroom training DVD, Leslie Aguilar has given us the tools to make that possible.

What You’ll Learn

Designed to have an immediate impact on workplace behavior, this learning package will:

  • Reveal the negative impact that stereotypical and biased statements have in the workplace.
  • Explain why people tend to stay silent when bias and stereotypes arise.
  • Provide techniques for speaking up in a way that will promote inclusion in your workplace.

What The Research Says

A recent study at the University of Cincinnati showed that:

  • 82% of Ouch! trainees had used the Ouch! skills in their workplace interactions and personal lives within 3 months.
  • Trainees had a statistically significant increase in awareness of bias and stereotypes, and a lasting positive change in their comfort and confidence to speak up using the Ouch! skills.
  • Trainees were more likely to speak up against future stereotypes or bias they encountered at work, home, and in social settings.

What You’ll Get

This comprehensive video training package contains all you need to integrate the material into your own diversity training process. Each purchase includes:

  • DVD containing:
    • The Ouch! Video (12 minutes)
    • A video-based “Speaking Up” activity designed to reinforce skills (5 minutes)
    • Thirteen alternate vignettes (30 seconds each)
  • CD-ROM containing reproducible materials including:
    • Leader’s Guide
    • PowerPoint Presentation
    • The Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts book
    • Ten Ouch! Technique reminder cards

Easy Preview: Click here to preview Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts.

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