Defeating Unconscious Bias: Five Strategies


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A Comprehensive Training Program to Help You Lead a Workshop on Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias is in the news. From Silicon Valley to Wall Street to Main Street, the impact of implicit bias is real and damaging to the workplace. Bias gets in the way of making good hiring decisions, of promoting the best candidates, and of building teams that are truly inclusive.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that research shows that there is a lot we can do to defeat unconscious bias in ourselves and in our workplaces. This involving video – and the training it supports – supplies five practical skills anyone can use to counter their own unconscious biases.

Program Objectives:

At the completion of this training, each participant will:

  • Be aware of the impact of unconscious bias on themselves, their colleague, and their workplace.
  • Understand that even unconscious bias can be defeated.
  • Be prepared to immediately apply five practical strategies to identify and defeat their own unconscious biases.

  “You can’t change what you don’t know and you will not act on what you don’t acknowledge. Defeating Unconscious Bias is a powerful learning resource that encourages honest, personal awareness by reinforcing inclusive behaviors that will ultimately benefit us all.”
Poppie M. Parish, Senior Vice-President, Diversity and Inclusion, Key Bank

  “Acknowledging that unconscious bias exists in all of us is a good first step, but then we need actionable and memorable resources to interrupt bias.  This 14-minute video offers 5 simple, actionable, and memorable strategies to enhance workplace productivity and innovation by addressing bias.  The authenticity and diversity of the scenarios utilized keeps your attention, and the solutions suggested support change without blame.”
Deborah Dagit, Former Chief Diversity Office of Merck, Inc.
Currently CEO of Deb Dagit Diversity LLC

What You’ll Get:

    • A DVD containing a 14-minute video depicting three realistic workplace scenarios and the steps needed to defeat unconscious bias
    • A CD-ROM containing a comprehensive Leader’s Guide with all the detail needed to effectively conduct a 90-minute workshop, a Post-Test Handout, and PowerPoint slides.
    • One pack of 25 wallet size Reminder Cards that will help participants retain and apply this valuable material.
Wallet Sized Reminder Cards

Wallet Sized Reminder Cards

Receive a One-Hour Consultation with Dr. Thiederman:

For every purchase of Defeating Unconscious Bias, you will receive a one-hour telephone meeting with Sondra Thiederman regarding how to most effectively integrate the video into your diversity/inclusion and training strategies. Once you have purchased the product, simply contact Sondra directly at 619-583-4478 or to set up a mutually-convenient time.

Additional Formats Available

In addition to the DVD format sold here, Defeating Unconscious Bias is available on a USB Flash Drive ($745) and via online streaming. Also, additional packs of 25 reminder cards are available for $20.  Please contact 619-583-4478 or click here for information and pricing.

Easy Preview:

Click here to preview Defeating Unconscious Bias.Each person who previews will receive one copy of Dr. Thiederman’s handbook, 3 Keys to Defeating Unconscious Bias: Watch, Think, Act.

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