The Diversity and Inclusion Handbook (Book)


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By Sondra Thiederman, Ph.D.

A Tool to Spread Your Diversity/Inclusion Message

Spreading the workplace diversity message throughout your organization can be a cumbersome – and expensive – proposition. Having a tool such as The Diversity and Inclusion Handbook to distribute might just be your solution.
Easy to read, this concise (56 page) handbook is designed to encourage contributors at all levels of your organization to begin their diversity adventure.

Once they open these pages, readers they will find themselves on a journey from self-knowledge and bias awareness to knowledge of others, and, ultimately, to the importance of communicating respect and cultivating Common Ground.

What Your Team Will Learn

  • That diversity/inclusion is nothing to fear and that creating an inclusive workforce benefits everyone
  • How to communicate respect to team members of all backgrounds
  • Skills for becoming aware of one’s own biases and, thereby, targeting them for extinction
  • How to identify and minimize the fear that prevents us from relating to others effectively
  • Strategies and techniques for respectfully learning about the cultures, points-of-view, and needs of those who are different from ourselves
  • Methods for assuring that each team member feels valued and becomes, therefore, more motivated to work to the best of his or her ability
  • Skills for effectively communicating with – and listening to – team members of all backgrounds
  • The value of focusing on the Common Ground that all human beings share while, simultaneously, acknowledging diversity

Material That Is Easy to Grasp and Apply

In order to make the handbook’s inclusion message accessible to those who are new to the conversation, Sondra has included in the book:

  • Reader activities designed to enhance the application of the material in the workplace.
  • Self-reflection questions that will help the reader assess how well he or she is doing at managing and working inclusively.
  • Clear, bulleted suggestions for actions that each team member can readily understand and apply to contribute to the goal of inclusiveness and greater productivity.
  • A bonus section containing the 27 Essentials of Inclusive Leadership

What Readers Are Saying

“This brand-new resource is ideal for a time when tools are needed to help bring us together. It coins a new concept called “Usness” and provides the steps for creating just that. The book is an easy read with insightful quotes leading each section. There are exercises, self-assessment tools, how-to directions, and helpful hints for individuals at all levels. The book is written in a straightforward, appropriately humorous and stimulating style. I will be using this with my clients.” Dr. V. Robert Hayles, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

  “I have long been an advocate for simplicity – even amidst the complexities of diversity. When we know what to do as individuals, there is tremendous power in the ability to create change one person at a time. This handbook helps individuals, groups, and organizations in very simple, practical and systematic ways that will absolutely make a difference when put into practice.” Michael Wheeler, Chief Diversity Officer, OmnicomMedia Group.

“This handbook is practical, clear and filled with tools to help the reader develop crucial competencies in whatever role one occupies. Sondra, who is a wise expert in managing diversity, has put together a simple book that packs a punch. We all need reminders when it comes to respect for diverse individuals and to growing a team that uses its diversity to enhance performance and build a culture of success.” Juan T. Lopez, Amistad Associates

Easy Preview: Take a peak at what the book contains.

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